Deliver Cash TransfersWithin Hours, Not Weeks.

Sempo provides an end-to-end cash transfer platform for NGOs to rapidly and efficiently deploy humanitarian programs.

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We solve beneficiary enrollment, cash disbursement and program monitoring in one seamless end-to-end platform.

How it Works

The Sempo Cash Transfer Platform is built to be modular and easy to integrate into existing processes.

Rapid Enrolment

We are compatible with multiple data sources; manual upload, excel import or even Kobo toolbox to make recipient and vendor enrolment easy and fast.

Cash Disbursement

We’ve built a blockchain-based system to transparently deliver relief to beneficiaries in hours, rather than days or weeks. It’s easily integrated into local payment providers to offer a simple off-ramp for KYC/AML compliant users.

Monitor and Evaluate

We provide a real-time analytics dashboard to NGOs to monitor operations, and because transactions are recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain, there is an immutable and third-party auditable record for donors.

Oxfam Australia, Vanuatu

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“The first question now considered by DFAT staff in discussions around humanitarian programming is always... ​if not cash, why not?"

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, 2017

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We are partnering with innovative organizations across the globe. We are testing, deploying and scaling rapidly.