Legal Overview

Sempo’s mission is to help deliver cash aid directly to the world’s most vulnerable people. In order to do this, and provide Sempo products, we must process information about you.

This overview attempts to explain in non-legal language, the information we collect about you and why.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

  • Why do we collect information?

    • We collect information about you in order to provide Sempo products including our website, web app and mobile app.
    • This information helps us to efficiently distribute cash aid directly to the most vulnerable individuals while ensuring there is no fraud.
    • The more information we are given by you and other third-parties, the faster we can verify claims and distribute cash aid.


  • What kinds of information do we collect?

    • Information that you can explicitly provide us (optional):
      • Legal identity documents
      • Network and social graph
      • Social Media data
      • Text responses
    • Information we collect if you use our services:
      • Device Information
      • Cookie information
      • Connection information
    • Information provided by third-parties, such as network carriers, NGOs and vendors:
      • Purchase Receipts
      • Other identity information
      • Network information


  • How do we use this information?

    • We use this information to provide, personalize and improve our products
    • Rapidly identify the most vulnerable people in a population to assist
    • Ensure there are no fraudulent transactions taking place


  • How is this information shared?

    • We share anonymized information with NGOs to provide aggregate data to aid relief efforts
    • We share the information you provide with the partner NGO or donor distributing funds, ensuring funds goes to people in need and programs can be monitored and audited


  • How can I manage or delete my information?

    • You can view your personal information in the settings page on the Sempo mobile app (android).
    • You can request to view all your information or have the right to delete your information by emailing