Cash Transfer Programs


Is your company interested in delivering cash-transfer projects, but doesn’t know where to begin?

Sempo assist’s small, medium and large local and international NGO’s to deliver cash transfer programs to their communities, in a way that is genuinely affordable, simple to learn and quick to implement.

So what does that mean, exactly?


It means you will decide

  • How many people you would like to reach (anywhere from 5 families to 5,000 and beyond!)
  • Where you would like to deliver cash-transfer programs
  • When you would like to implement, and for how long
  • How much money/ value each family/ individual will receive


What will you need?

  • At minimum, a dedicated project manager to receive training and support implementation, at the most, a project team who can manage enrolment, on-boarding, transfers and monitoring
  • Appropriate funds to disburse to communities (this could be as little as $1000, or as much as you have in your budget!). This could be your own organisations funding, or from an external provider.
  • An identified community and potential merchants (who have access to internet).


What will we do?

  • Provide training on how to use our platform. For small projects, we can offer this via video, to keep costs low). For larger projects, this can be done over a couple of days in person
  • Tailor the in App data collection and dashboard monitoring to meet your organisation’s reporting requirements
  • Provide ongoing technical support and guidance throughout the project

What now?

So, you’re ready to explore cash? Contact us at to watch a demonstration and discuss how your organisation can deliver cash transfer programs